Village Pizza

Village pizza is a weekend Detroit Style Pizzeria crafted by ‘Alkebu-lan Village’, ‘Itsfooddetroit’, and Culinary Pleasures. Alkebulan Village is the location. ’Itsfooddetroit’ crafts the menu and operation. Culinary Pleasures is the heart of the pizzeria. Culinary Pleasures’ youth program conceptualized a pizza business model that teaches self-respect, self-control and self-discipline. Youth participants earn stipends why they help, but also learn in a kitchen environment that is centered in plant-based food.

Hours of Operation

  • Every Sunday: 12pm-5pm
  • Every 1st Saturday of Month: 11am-7pm
    • Pre-Order Online Preferred (Starting Wednesdays)
    • Walk-In Ordering Accepted

Creator: Brittany March

Detroit Vegan Pop-up Business evolving into a brick and mortar. The business is inspired by the creativity that lays in plant-based options but is not molded by the trendiness associated. Pizza and Veganism are the center of the business however, under the Village Pizza concept, other eating lifestyles are intertwined. Balanced eating is so important. Plants first then maybe carbs. When you are ready for carbs, Village Pizza will assist.


“The pizza was really good even the vegan. That was my first time having vegan and I really couldn’t tell the difference.”

– Carmen Mayes

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